Road Tripping It

The drive through North Dakota always makes me lift my eyes to the heavens... I lift my eyes to the heavens, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord maker of heaven and earth. Yes and yes. The clouds and sky are just so beautiful, with the sunset setting and light shining upon the haystacks and fields for miles.

It was pure joy listening to Andrew singing loudly to Kari Jobe's cd Majestic over and over. "When you walk in the room, when you walk in the room, when you walk in the room, there's nothing like it nothing like it." Those lyrics specifically he was belting. Beauty.

Asher is so sweet sitting by his not-so-baby sister who I still like to call baby. There car seats are once again right next to each other and it seems he picked up right where they left off. Holding her hand while we drive in the car, like they did when she was brand new and he was first home. So precious. My heart can hardly stand it. Oh what a sweet heart he has. 

Annabel is taking to talking some more. Mama, dada, mama, dada. And she likes to say "Mia Reese Mia Reese" over and over. She is sweet with her brother Asher, babbling away to him during the long drives and making her sounds when she is thirsty or needs her nuk or blankie or is hungry. I can always tell what she means! The sentences are coming little by little I am hearing her start to put a few words together. Sweetness.