Pillow Inserts

Someone recently came to my home and informed me that I should put down inserts into these pillows. I had never thought of it. 

I started researching pillow inserts online and soon discovered that there are a lot of products available and I'm clueless as to what's "good" and what's not. 

Help a friend out, what are your best sites for 20" down inserts? How about 12 x 16" pillow inserts? Do you fill your pillows with inserts bigger than the pillow cover size. I heard of that one time as a trick to making them look fuller and nicer.

I do love these pillows! From West Elm. A little pop of fun as you walk up the stairs. Keeping in a neutral color palette so I can interchange them around the home as needed... though the goal is getting things in place and KEEPING them that way! Ha. Do you think it's gonna happen?

I'm pretty sure, not, because two seconds after I took the photos of the pillows on the bench my baby girl brought that pillow straight to the chair in her room! Crack me up. I found myself thinking how good it actually looks on her little chair. So I took a few pics with her on it and then back to its spot on the bench. :) It needs to stay in one place for at least ten minutes! Except hmmm.. which spot do you like it better... haha.. Happy decorating lovelies. xx, AnaLisa