Striped Ikea Blanket: Everywhere Eivor!

One blanket.

Five different rooms.

What is not to love?

1. THIS ROOM! Designed by Jillian Harris. Yes! Ikea Striped Blanket Love. The stripes make this fabulous room come to life. Such a simple sweet touch to this room!

2. The Everyday Life Blog. Such a cute living room, right! That striped blanket. I love it everywhere I see it. Thank you, Ikea.

3. Courtney's living room of A Thoughtful Place Blog. You just can't go wrong with this blanket. Look how cute it is on her chair with colorful pillow... adorable and lively and simple all at once.

4. Megan's home of Honey We're Home Blog. Look at how cute this blanket is spread out over the bench with all the different patterns in neutral / black and white. Love! 

5. Our Home. Just chillin' in a basket in our guest bedroom. I love the pop of fun it adds to the room!


I could come up with so many different places to put this blanket to make each room have a bit of fun and simplicity and elegance. I love it so much. Ikea Eivor Throw. What a great find! $19.99 only!


Happy Friday!

xx, AnaLisa