Homeschool: Volcano Eruptions

I just love teaching my kids and watching their faces light up with excitement when they discover something new!

I wish I could play a video for you but I am still learning this blogging platform (switched over to squarespace). I love it! But.. some things were just easier with blogger. For example you can't upload a video unless you have the embed code from you tube or vimeo or an outside source. Blogger was so easy to drag and drop a video and it did the work for you!

The boys enjoyed our homeschool lesson for the day. Our oldest goes to school this year 8-2:30pm but lets be honest I never saw this awesome reaction when he came home. His favorite part of school is recess and looks forward to 2nd grade because in 2nd grade you get to bring the ball out at recess for kickball. He loves to learn! So I decided who says homeschool has to end just because he's in school? Ha.

Learning is fun! I love being a mom to two boys and a girl. Thankful for these treasures!