Plaid & Stripes by Molly

peanut butter + jelly

starbucks + drive-through

plaid + stripes

What do all of these pairs have in common? They are two normally unrelated but good things that are even better when put together!

One of my favorite outfit trends lately has been combing different patterns. At first I wondered if I could pull this off with stripes and plaid, but every time I saw someone wearing these two patterns together I always thought it looked so cute. So I bravely tried the pattern combo one day and it was a success. And by success I mean no one asked if I got dressed in the dark, and a several people mentioned how they liked the combo!

To wear plaid and stripes together, I think it helps if the color schemes are slightly similar or if they have similar tones. The grey and white stripe shirt for example is an easy neutral to combine different plaids with. 

There really is no wrong way to mix and match so be creative. Try some different pattern combinations and you will find you have created many new outfits out of your current closet. 

Have fun with your style today!


(Starbucks+drive-through, pb & j = cute, Molly. Love your posts! Time for me to get cranking on mine.. just waiting for that new blog design to get my act together I guess. :) Coming soon!)