Fashion Friday: Jewelry

Hi Everyone!

Like I mentioned last week with plaid scarves, one of my favorite parts about fashion is accessories. You can take a simple outfit like jeans and a T-shirt, and just by adding necklaces, earrings, or bracelets (or I love all three together!) you can make the look go from simple to exciting and unique.

Lately I have been having even more fun with jewelry by layering different pieces together. Layering bracelets or necklaces creates a completely different look than when the items are worn alone. There is really no right or wrong way to layer, so experiment with what you have and start creating some new outfits.

Have fun with your style today!


(Thanks Molly for making this blog ten times better than it already is! I need to step up my game. And P.S. Can you please style me with links to appx. ten jewelry pieces since I basically own one necklace with an A on it and one with a cross and that's about it? Thanks Molly. :))