The More the Merrier... (Bunk Beds)

Bunk Beds!

Who doesn't love them. They are functional, fun for kids, sleep at least two, maximize space and now a days there are some really neat styles out there!

Check out this new bunk bed at Ikea. The Stuva Loft Bed. Complete with work space, wardrobe, and shelving. My seven-year-old LOVED this one when he saw it.

This one is not a bunk but a captain's bed. So neat with the storage underneath and I like the height of it. I could picture two of these in a little boy's room, one on each side of a room with a striped rug in the middle... It's the Callum from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.

For $150 these bunks from Ikea seem to be impressing a lot of people. I have seen them painted in white and painted in gray, I liked both options. I have also seen them left as-is in an all-white room and they looked nice!

We gave these bunks to my cousin for her two boys when we moved, but I absolutely loved these bunks! They are so beautiful with the perfect barnwood texture and style. With all the barnwood trends these days who wouldn't love some barnwood bunks! They are Kenwood from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 9.35.00 PM.png

To me, the bed below from Ikea looks super cheap. Yet I look at all the different creative ways people have changed this bed to accommodate their kids and it makes me like this as an option. Not the most cute of beds, but definitely a fun one for kids. I've seen it with a curtain hanging below the bed, fort cut-outs for windows, a mattress on the ground with a reading nook, play kitchen underneath, even wood structures built on top of this bed to make it look like a big castle. People are creative, me I like to take their ideas and make them mine.. this is a good option for parents who are choosing to be fun and let their kids have a kids space.. I'm working on this in my life, as opposed to everything needing to be absolutely beautiful! Ha. Not that it's not beautiful, at least it is simple and has clean lines.

This Ikea Brimnes Bed is one I have been considering as a daybed for our loft space. It could work as a simple solution to creating a nice spot to sit while the kids are playing or playing wii or for the family to a watch a movie. Also nice to have another bed in the house, we always seem to have overnight guests and so why not another bed! Helps to have things ready.

What do you think? How have you furnished your kids' rooms? Are they ever evolving? Some days I am so aware of how I'm always changing things around. But we also have moved so many times so in some ways I think it's natural to change things up with every move, also every age seems to require different functionality as far as the kids growing up and noticing how we use our spaces differently in different seasons.

If I could I would do something like this! I love the shiplap walls, adventure letters, lighting, white bedding with the one charcoal blanket.. I love the simplicity and still slight bit of whimsy of this space by Magnolia Farms.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.53.44 PM.png

What do you think? Do you settle for the cheap versions and find yourself selling it in a few years or do you buy something from craigslist and re-vamp it into something creative and new and fresh? Or maybe you just go for it and get custom built-in bunks and call it a done deal and perfection! 

There are always ideas in my mind and then there is reality. Ha. Picking and choosing what to do and how to spend my time and resources. I'm seriously considering letting our oldest get the Stuva Loft Bed from Ikea. I can't decide if I will regret it or love that he loves it. You know? :) It does look like a neat bed. Just different from my symmetrical bunk room with four bunks that I picture in my mind. Shelves with books and storage for kids is fun, right. 

Happy Friday everyone!