Fashion Friday: Leather Jackets

Happy Friday!

 It seems like winter is officially here, and for a lot of us we have fully transitioned from fall to winter wear. If you live somewhere that is not a frozen tundra yet, enjoy the ease of dressing in less than 10 layers. 

 Lately one of my go-to pieces of clothing has been leather jackets. A leather jacket is great because it is something you can wear wherever you live- as an extra layer of warmth outside or inside as part of your outfit. Just like a blazer, leather can be worn in a more casual way with jeans and a plain shirt, or dressed leather up a little more with darker jeans, fun pants, a skirt, over a dress…. the opportunities are really endless.  

 Another benefit to a leather jacket is you have the option to either invest in an authentic leather material or you can also easily find a faux leather material at a more reasonable price. Both look great. I have a frequent rotation in my closet between a gray jacket that I have had for several years and a black jacket that is newer, and I can tell you both have been great investment pieces.

 Have fun with your style today!