Scrolling through some pictures today of the old place and thinking on how I just loved this space. It was always so peaceful to walk in. That's what I want for other people. Peaceful spaces that make them feel happy when they walk inside. 

I took the black and white canvas and the blabla owl & lion mobiles with me when we moved. The white chair, brown dog art, crib and drapes are still in MN while our home is staged for sale. Through the years I have loved designing nurseries. My taste has always been different. When Andrew was a baby his nursery was bright green with pops of orange and blue. Come to think of it I actually had a nursery set up when Asher was little. Here's what it looked like! 

Here's what Annabel's nursery looked like in the first place she lived. Hadn't really thought of it but we have moved three times in her lifetime so far. 

Who else likes to design nurseries. Or any type of spaces. I'm embracing creativity lately, just going with it. Can't wait to share all the projects I am working on!