Introducing: Fashion Friday!

Hello, Lovelies!

I am excited to announce that my good friend and lovely lady that she is Molly will be contributing on the blog for Fashion Fridays! She is someone who always seems dressed just right to me. Simple, elegant, refined, classic, fun.

Personally I am looking forward to reading her posts and what she has to say. So happy to share with you all and hope you enjoy as well. This blog is evolving as I continue on and I love feedback if and when any of you readers want to give it!

(Thanks so much Molly, you are beautiful and I'm thrilled to have such a stylish and beautiful person posting to this page. Not to mention just FUN to be doing life with people, you know?!)

Alright first ever Fashion Friday from the lovely Molly!



When AnaLisa mentioned doing a few blog posts about style I was super excited. Why? Because there can be so much creativity involved in style.

I recently read a quote by the late designer Oscar de la Renta that I loved, "Fashion is a trend. Style lives within the person."

Every single person is made unique in Christ, with unique gifts, purposes, and preferences. Each one of us has a style, which is one of the reasons I think fashion and style is so fun to experiment with myself and to observe in others.

Today I will leave you with one of my favorite accessories for Fall- a plaid scarf. Anything plaid is a staple in the Fall season, and a plaid scarf can add a little "pop" to any type of outfit.

Have fun with your style today.