Ways to Give: Conjoined Twins

Hello Lovelies,

This morning I have a request of you all. These two adorable babies are conjoined, they live in Uganda, and their mother needs to be put up with a place to stay while they are in the hospital in a completely different town from where she lives, as she is away from her family and her friends caring for these babies. Enough money was raised for these two to have an immediate surgery for the ability to go to the bathroom. Now more funds are needed to get these babies to the proper surgeon for separating them. Your prayers and funds are greatly needed at this time, for the mother, for the doctors, nurses and for these sweet brand new babies who need help.

Please go to mercyformamas.com where you will find a link on right side of blog to give. Mercy for Mamas is run by Melissa Busby, a fellow Uganda adoptive mama. Though I have not met her in real life I trust that she will get the $ exactly where it is needed. Her whole organization is set up to provide mama kits to pregnant mothers in Uganda and/or help the mamas and their babies.

As you can imagine I have a huge heart for this ministry after traveling 34-36 weeks pregnant to Uganda, researching hospital options for myself, purchasing a birthing kit for myself just in case. It's one thing to hear about it and another to be in country with a  highly pregnant belly researching options  and realizing it is a very real thing that these mothers need access to sponges, sanitary gloves, bars of soap and more. Money doesn't even necessarily buy you that opportunity either, please pray for these sweet littles and their mama.


Thank you,