Where's Waldo and Small Town Living :)

Good Afternoon, Lovelies!

What a beautiful day in the city of Edmonds, WA! Glory to God! Magnificent beauty all around. I've traveled and lived a  lot of places and I'm just really not sure it gets any more beautiful on earth this side of heaven! Glorious.

The kids and I have been enjoying summer days. Me, mostly organizing and getting settled in.. another post on that coming soon.. in the meantime, lots of outdoor time playing baseball, running through the sprinkler/spraying with the hose, picnics on our front porch, time at the beach, enjoying community and time with our new church here.

Life is so good! Treasuring these friendships, and in some ways reflecting on where we have been the past twelve years and where we are headed in the future. Also PLANTING seems to be on my heart! 

Our cute small-town living city had a Where's Waldo hunt, 48 shops in the community had a little sign in their window for Waldo and then today we got to go to a party for getting a stamp from at least 24 of the 48 participating shops. To get a stamp the kids had to go on a scavenger hunt to find Waldo in each store. My kids loved this! It was a great way to get the adults into shops they might not have otherwise been in before, and just a great way to build community in my opinion. Today we got to go have some cake, meet Mrs. Waldo ( I never found Mr. Waldo?) :) , beanbag toss, count the candies in the jar and participate in a raffle. My ticket won, so I let our oldest pick something. He chose a Seahawks poster and a $5 coffee card so I am a happy girl!


Happy summer, lovelies! Enjoy this beautiful glorious day!

In Him,


Summer Sprinkler Fun!

What's more fun that hanging outside all day running in the sprinkler, blue angels flying in the background, boats speeding by, views of the water and mountains.. laughter filling the air. Be still my soul. I am ever so thankful.

Kiwi Crates & Summer Fun

Hello, Lovelies! 

What a beautiful summer this is here in the Pacific Northwest! Feels like yesterday in some ways that I lived here, but truth is it was fifteen years ago that I last lived in this beautiful city. 

I love Seattle! I also love everywhere else I have lived, North Dakota being so beautiful in its endless flatness of hills and clouds and sky, the cold and the heat. Minnesota so gorgeous in summer, land of 10,000 lakes! Heat, summer sun, old-fashioned days at the ice cream parlor, swimming pool, well-built neighborhood communities, friendships, neighbors and relatives.. I love it all. 

I'm looking forward to writing more these days! Sharing what is on my heart and on my mind. Choosing to be bold and brave with you here in this little corner of the web. :)

Since deciding to homeschool our second grader next year I signed up for Kiwi Crates. A monthly craft project delivered to our front door. Truth is I don't really like doing crafts (gasp, I know).. as a kid I loved them! But as a grown up, I don't know... so many little pieces and planning to go to the store and figure out a project and put it all together. Kiwi Crates made it easy and the kids loved it. We worked almost the whole day on building, crafting and playing! The kids did love it and it inspired me to plan more fun projects that just allow kids to be kids. There is something to play for the sake of play that is so beautiful! 


Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!



This makes me happy.

Spending time with good friends is medicine to the heart. Nurturing to the soul. We love you Brekers! And yes, I had to choose the picture with two out of three two-year olds crying. It was a long, fun day of play!

You guys are so blessed! And you are a blessing to us!! You can find Lindsey over at Adventures of Joyful Living , Lindsey you are such a beautiful mom and mother. I am blessed to know you!



Snowy Days in Minnesota

Who doesn't love a great day in the snow. The snowy days are even more fun after being away for 4 months in the tropics of the Pacific Northwest. :)

We had a great morning making some art! I have been working on selling things here in Minnesota, furniture, random things - clearing out the closets! All at the same time, having fun with my boys and my girl, doing some art projects with the blank canvases that were in storage. It's always good to use the things that sat in storage way too long! Now that we are moving from this home why not, right? :)

I do love this home. I love my neighbors. I can breathe in this space, it is so peaceful, so relaxing. I see my boys thrive here, they play outside, they play in the snow, we watch the squirrels and the birds in the 100 year old oak trees out back. There is something so beautiful and simple about the life we live in this home. Family, church, sunny days at the baseball parks, play. I loved every minute of building this home, planning it, love my neighbors, love my family here, love the beautiful state of Minnesota that has been my home the past fifteen years! This home is a beautiful haven of a home that I absolutely love! Sometimes people assume when there is a YES to something, that it means no to everything else. IT'S JUST NOT THE CASE. I love Minnesota, love this home. Always have always will. I don't know the plans, but God does! What a sweet time we are having here after four months away, just hanging as a family while daddy goes to work. Watching Christmas movies, playing in the snow, doing art projects, selling what is left here. It's all good!

So much fun watching Andrew be art director today, he had a vision for these two canvases and his younger siblings implemented it. They were delighted to take part. "Favorite, favorite" Annabel kept saying, she loved making art with her brothers.

Merry Christmas everyone.

You are loved.